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Over 140 Fife College Students Receive Scholarships to Support Studies - FE . News

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147 students from Fife College have received a Russell Trust Scholarship to help advance their studies.

Scholarship awards, ranging from £50 to £300, will support students in purchasing equipment and resources to help them advance in their studies, giving them some much-needed help and recognition for their hard work and commitment.

The awards were presented in person by Cecilia Russell and Alice Kroll of the Russell Trust to a number of this year’s winners at a special event at the college’s Carnegie Convention Center.

The annual scholarship from the Russell Trust is one of the largest scholarship funds offered through Adam Smith Scholarships, and is part of Fife College, donating £15,000 each year.

It is also the longest-running of all scholarships in the college, awarding more than 1,000 students since its inception in 1999.

One of this year’s scholarship recipients, Nicola Brown of Kirkcaldy, plans to use her prize to buy a new laptop.

Nicola, who studies management and information technology at HNC, said:

“I am sincerely grateful to be awarded the Russell Trust Scholarship. I was thrilled to know my award and I greatly appreciate the support. I am planning to spend the money on a new laptop so I am not sharing it with my daughter.”

Nicola, who was inspired to return to education after her daughter became the first person in her family to go to university, added:

“I haven’t learned 22 years ago, but now I’m fully committed to achieving HNC so I can progress further in the business.

“Having become redundant seven years ago from a retail role, I decided to change my career to management and was able to land a role within Fife Council but was unable to apply due to not having any management qualification.

“I had the determination to secure my league without a qualification, so I am now determined to achieve HNC to help me advance further.”

Another scholarship winner was professional gastronomy student Jordan John. Jordan of Buckhaven said:

“I am so grateful for this award, I couldn’t be more proud of myself for being able to realize this amazing opportunity. This money will be directed towards more resources that will benefit my college studies and help me pursue a career in cooking.”

The Russell Trust was created in memory of Patrick Russell who died during World War II – through this the former Tullis Russell Paper Company, based in Glenrothes, has supported a large number of local charities and educational institutions over the years.

Cecilia Russell, Wills of the Russell Trust said:

“The Russell Trust is pleased to be able to offer these scholarship awards to students of Fife College. We warmly congratulate all the students who have been awarded scholarships this year.

“Promoting higher education for the young Fife was of great importance to Sir David Russell, founder of the Russell Trust. More than 70 years after the Trust was founded, it is wonderful to see such value still held by the Russell Trust Scholarship.”

Lynn Gould, Chair of Scholarships and Alumni Engagement at Fife College, said:

“It was great seeing the smiling faces of this year’s Russell Trust scholarship winners in person at our scholarship presentation.

“For over 20 years now, the Russell Trust has supported our students and we are very grateful to them for their generous support.

“Hearing the stories of our students, like Nicholas and Jordan, and finding out how much of a boost their scholarship awards have given them, is heartening. Well done to all the scholarship recipients.”

The Adam Smith Scholarships, part of Fife College, is one of the largest undergraduate scholarship programs in Scotland, awarding thousands of pounds each year to support students, develop opportunities, open doors and transform lives.

For more details about scholarships at Fife College, visit the Adam Smith Scholarships page on the Fife College website or email [email protected].

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