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Wisconsin Tech Council: Team Wauwatosa wins annual "Wisconsin YES!" Biz plan competition for youth with sign language app

Emily Scott and William MortelThe duo, an eighth grader at Whitman Middle School in Wauwatosa, are the first place winners in Wisconsin YES! , a statewide youth action plan competition for students in middle and high schools.

Scott and Moertl’s company Signfluent will produce a software application that can be used to learn and translate sign language. Signfluent has a database of tags, grammar and terminology, and uses a camera-based recognition system to translate to unsigned users.

Scott and Mortel will present their product on June 2 at the Wisconsin Entrepreneur Conference, which will be held at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee.

“Up to 500,000 Americans and 125,000 people in Britain use sign language every day, so Signfluent is an important innovation for this market,” said Tom Steele, chair of the Wisconsin Technology Council, which produces the competition. “The team hopes to work with other languages ​​if they are successful in Signfluent’s early stages.”

Students submitted their ideas in an online summary of 250 words for the competition in the first stage of the competition. Professionals from across the state acted as judges, providing feedback and recording ideas. Twelve entries moved into the second stage, which required 1,000-word executive summaries covering a company overview; description of the product or service; Defining the customer, describing the market, its size and sales strategy; Competition; Team; Finance. and capital needs.

Second place was awarded to team of White Parker, Brayden Deering and Noah Chipper From Kimberly High School to their entry, Teplos Snowboard / Ski Helmets. Teplos allows customers to customize their helmet with technology and accessories, such as Bluetooth, GPS tracking and temperature control.

Cecilia Markle, Wyatt Linder, Timo Kenanen, Georgia Markle, Mikko Kenanen, Nevah Brodzinski From Marsupial Undershorts it takes 3rd place for entry, is lightweight, and equipped with pockets to hold phone, money, keys and more.

Wisconsin Yes! The competition is produced by the Wisconsin Technology Council. Significant support is provided by the WEA Trust and the UW-Madison Office of Business Engagement.

Contest partners have included Financial Institutions Department, General Instructions DepartmentTheAssociation of Wisconsin School AdministratorsAnd the Make a difference WisconsinAnd theProject Driving the Wisconsin RoadAnd the STEM forwardAnd theWisconsin Association of School BoardsAnd the Wisconsin Association of Science Teachers And theWisconsin Association of School Business Officials.

Similar to the Governor’s Successful Business Plan Competition, Wisconsin YES! It is designed to teach students how innovation in science and technology can be developed into reasonable business plans. It is an opportunity for students to explore the links between science, technology and entrepreneurship, and for educators and judges to cultivate an interest in these areas. Visit to learn more.

In alphabetical order by name of submission, the finalists in the 10th Annual Competition were:

Submission name Noun community/class
up on ole Sky Sirenc, Abby Caesar Wawatosa / 9th grade and below
Anywhere Julius Zakaria Oak Creek / Eleventh Grade
Baker family Jason Addicks Mikon / Eleventh grade
EZ حديقة Garden Lily and passer Wawatosa / 9th grade and below
Hong Dong Derius Lucas Wawatosa / 9th grade and below
marsupial cups Cecilia Markle, Wyatt Linder, Timo Kenanen, Georgia Markle, Mikko Kenanen, Nevah Brodzinski Holmen / 9th grade and below
mitopia White Johnson Burnett / 12th grade
Real Nicholas is Mikon / Eleventh grade
mature White Earhardt Verona / 9th grade and below
Schlick Dalton Deringer, Sean Krueger Crivitz / 9th grade and below
fluency Emily Scott Wawatosa / 9th grade and below
step up Frankie Maynard Broadhead / 10th grade
Teplos Snowboard / Ski White Parker Kimberly / 12th grade
TouchDrive Enthere Model Franklin / Eleventh grade
We are investing Max Raneft Wawatosa / 9th grade and below
Zoom Book Isabel Taormina Wawatosa / 9th grade and below