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Breaking New AI Technologies and Bringing Racial Profiling into the 21st Century

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737666Detective work is not easy when you are at a crime scene and tasked with finding the culprit. I have to interview people and see if there is camera or fingerprint dust.

But they didn’t always work — sometimes I had to consult an old Ouija board or pin it to a random black guy.

But those tough time strategies no longer fly. Ouija at least. The “Just Pin It On A Black Guy” movement is still in fashion.As times change, so do our technologies. New police strategy? Make a sketch based on DNA evidence! Check out this deleted tweet.

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Geneticists don’t need to point out that this is just a 21st century approach to racial profiling. A comedian can do the same job.

That said, if you’re really sticking to expert testimony, some geneticists liken DNA-based perp sketches to phrenology, pointing out why this is bunk science.

Using technology like this is dangerous for everyone, but especially for black people. And before you accuse me of racism, look at the data.Blacks are committing serious crimes at an alarming rate, not to mention black boys convicted of crimes that don’t even exist in Tennessee. has been wrongly convicted of

Do you think we would do better in court if our portrait hack science printouts were shaken by a jury? Brandishing an AI-generated caricature of him and throwing in enough of the phrase DNA would make a jury find Wayne Brady guilty of stealing a chunk of Saturn. A judgment may be made.

After hours of deliberation and bad PR, the Edmonton PD had enough common sense to withdraw the post and semi-apology. You can read it here. And while it was nice to see the police department admit their mistake, they’re Canadian after all. I just started), or I highly doubt if an Alabama PD (who is from Alabama) would do the same.

For posterity, an unedited screenshot of the deleted tweet can be found on the following page.

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