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Each Avatar sequel introduces a new and unique Na'vi culture

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Avatar: Path of Water Three other planned sequels to the 2009 sci-fi epic Avatar Delve deep into the culture of the Na’vi, the native species of Pandora.

With four sequels that provide writers with ample opportunity to expand on the alien species introduced in the original film, way of water Executive Producer Jon Landau has revealed exactly where fans can expect more details to be added. “With each sequel, we introduce viewers to new cultures and new biomes,” said Landau in a recent interview. varietyStill, Landau points out that the introduction of a new Na’vi culture doesn’t mean that the culture that was there before will be forgotten, and producers “will not leave behind the cultures we encountered.” added.

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Fans could dip their toes road of waterAquatic Na’vi culture during last month’s annual D23 exposition.Footage from the film was screened behind closed doors, but the official way of water Shortly after, concept art was posted online, showing Na’vi gracefully riding a fantastical sea creature. Landau had previously confirmed that Turkun, another species with whale-like senses, was just one of many aquatic animals inhabiting Pandora. “There are a lot of sea creatures here that people fall in love with,” the producer teased in a separate interview earlier this year. A Turkun is something like 300 feet long.They are an intelligent species, as intelligent as the Na’vi are among them.”

Avatar: Path of Water hits theaters in December

About 13 years after the original. Avatar Directed by James Cameron, which was first released in theaters, road of water It would be affected by the decade-plus gap between films. “I was a little worried that I stretched the tether too much in the fast-paced modern world. Avatar 2 12 years later,” he said. Rarely seen, but I was basically wondering. Will it work in our favor? Do not know. I think we’re trying to find ”

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Cameron also elaborated on why he produced so many works. Avatar The movie, says the family ties shared by the cast and crew, kept him coming back to Pandora over and over again.Cameron said, “Looking back at everyone’s work, I’m grateful to have worked with some amazing people.” think Avatar. Just wanted to continue with this family, such an amazing experience. ”

Avatar: Path of Water It opens in theaters on Friday, December 16th.

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