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Fantasy Football Guide to Week 5: Packers vs. Giants Wisconsin News

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Yes, the Green Bay defense gave the Patriots 17 points, but other than two touchdown drives, the defense went out as defensive coordinator Joe Barry stalled the New England possession. The Patriots had success on the ground, but the Packers brought an unbendable, unbreakable ethos to the table and it worked. Green Bay piled up four sacks and forced a turnover against the Patriots. And now, wide receiver and quarterback Daniel Jones faces a ton of questions and an uncertain whether or not he’ll do well on the Giants team. This matchup leans heavily towards Green Bay. Defense averages 10 points per week against New York’s offense. This is a high floor for the Green Bay defense and Rashan He Gary and Preston Smith should be ready to attack his line on a shaky offense.

Martindale is the champion of the Blitz and never hesitates to apply pressure. It is natural. One thing that has puzzled me over the four games this year is Green Bay’s turnover rate. The Packers have recorded at least his one fumble loss in each game this year, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers has his three interceptions. In his last three seasons, Green Bay has recorded a total of 13, 11 and 13 turnovers in Matt’s Lafleur era each season. This year, the Packers have already achieved seven in his four games. New York could see this as a somewhat favorable location when facing Rodgers, but Green Bay has yet to make offensive progress.The defense averages 10.9 per week against the Packers offense It’s scoring points, and even if Green Bay finds a rhythm, that’s where the New York defense could get enough points to deserve a start.

When the Packers faced the Ravens last December, Rodgers faced Martindale’s defense. The back-to-back MVP winner threw for 268 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, but was sacked three times. From a football perspective, Rodgers has been less than stellar, with his 0 games over 255 passing yards or his two touchdowns through his four games. Adding three interceptions in four games was an uncharacteristic start for Rodgers. has a high floor this week. The chemistry between Rodgers and wideout Romeo Dubs was further enhanced in Week 4, with wide receiver Allen Lazard recording 116 receiving yards. This season, the Giants have played the following quarterbacks: Ryan Tannehill, Baker Mayfield, Cooper Rush and Justin Fields. That’s a far cry from the name leading the way in the MVP voting. Rodgers is the best quarterback New York has ever faced, and Rodgers history shows that interception numbers never last.In fantasy football, Rodgers is the top 10 quarterback in his career. I am looking forward to the week.

New York ranks second in fantasy points for opponent wide receivers, but that number is a bit skewed when it comes to their best harvest of the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb had eight receptions for 87 yards and a touchdown, and last week Bears wideout Darnell Mooney had a 94-yard reception. Lazard and Rogers have a close relationship, and the so-called “Lizard King” is starting to find a groove. He may not hit 116 yards again like he did against the Patriots, but it would be silly not to have Lazard in the lineup. High floor.