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ICYMI—Haggerty Joins Malia in Morning at Fox Business to Discuss Biden's Failed Policies

Nashville, Tennessee—Senator Bill Haggerty (R-Tennessee), a member of the Senate Banking and Foreign Relations Committee, said today: Morning with Maria About Fox Business discussing the Biden administration’s disastrous energy policies and failure to tackle rising crime.

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partial transcription

Hagerty on Biden’s short-sighted energy policy: “I’m surprised by the reaction of this White House. [to OPEC cuts]They are disappointed, say this is short-sighted. They should look in the mirror, Maria. That disappointment with short-sighted energy policies started here in Washington. And their response to this, unfortunately, would be to sell more of his SPR, which was supposed to be the Strategic Oil Reserve. I think what they call it now is the Strategic Political Reserve as we look to the November elections. They’re trying to bring gas prices down and that’s all.they appeal to iranwith Venezuela. They would rather deal with international killers than work here with American excavators. here it is. [President] Joe Biden needs to keep his feet off the throat of the oil and gas industry. […] If you look at what he did, again the “strategic political reserve” — we’ll call it in Biden land — what he did was actually more than we could handle here. of oil sold. Who took it? China took. guess what? Saudi Arabia stole oil from its strategic oil reserves under the Biden administration. They took that oil at yesterday’s price and now they are raising the price of oil. I think the Biden administration has played out again. ”

Hagerty on the rampant crime sweeping the country: “Defend the police to show up in this action. Stop, what these criminal elements can see is that anyone can walk into the United States of America, nobody cares, there are no consequences for that crime, why in our city It’s happening all over America, especially in our cities, it’s happening here in Tennessee. [Senator] Marsha Blackburn…my Senior Senator from Tennessee, [and I] Submit legislation to address this now. We need to turn around and restore law and order… we have to restore it here in our cities in America. Police and prosecutors must be adequately funded. We need to stop… this whole concept of no result bail, no cash bail, needs to stop and get back to the idea that America delivers on its basic promises to its people. It’s about keeping us safe. That is the purpose of our actions and we need to refocus on this.we also sent a letter [President] Joe Biden encouraged him to do the same: fund the police now, not the IRS agents spying on Americans. Let’s restore law and order to our cities and streets. […] We sent President Biden a letter outlining what he should do. But again, every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted against deporting an illegal alien who has been here and committed a felony. As such, Democratic priorities are very disconnected from the American people. And when the American public became aware of this situation. They are increasingly going to side with the Republican Party in this regard. ”

Hagerty on Democrats’ Green Energy Illusions: “what [Democrats] What I want to see is… $15 a gallon of gasoline in the US. Whatever it takes to drive us into some sort of brand new energy fantasy, not before November. They want re-election. They want to stay in power, but then turn around and try to push America into this green new energy illusion they are proposing. we don’t have the infrastructure. I’ve been here in Tennessee where he’s been for a week and I’ve been talking to people about how we’re going to put the infrastructure in place to make this happen. Impossible. This is a dream story. It’s a political dream, and they’re destroying the American economy in the process. ”

Hagerty on Record High Inflation: “When you look at this administration’s policies in their misplaced priorities, they don’t seem to have anything to do with the economy. … Over a year ago, we said this was not temporary … If Joe Biden just took his foot off the American energy industry’s throat, inflation would be much lower today.”