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LeBron James sues Adam Silver directly about owning NBA team in Las Vegas

LeBron James didn’t hold back when he talked about the possibility of owning an NBA team in Las Vegas.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard praised the Vegas fan base before speaking directly to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about his desire to be the one to bring the team to Nevada.

“This is the best fan base in the world. I would love to bring a team here one day. It would be great.” I know Adam is in Abu Dhabi now. Watching interviews and transcripts.

“So I want a team here, Adam. Thank you.”

James, who turns 38 in December, has probably been Las Vegas’ most vocal advocate for a player on an NBA team. In June, he specifically said on an episode of “The Shop” that he wanted to own a “Vegas team.” He also mentions his desire to become an owner all the way back to 2016.

James has ownership of other pro teams. He recently acquired a professional pickleball team, along with Draymond Green, Kevin Love and others. When James invested in his 2021 Fenway Sports Group, he also became a minority stakeholder in the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool Football Club, RFK Racing and Pittsburgh his Penguins.

How could James own a team?

James should at least wait until his playing days are over before he considers owning a team himself. Is not … However, as Silver hinted, CBA he will expire in 2024.

James recently said he wants to stay in the NBA long enough to play alongside his older son Bronnie and younger son Bryce. That could lengthen the time it takes him to own a franchise.

Either way, it looks like the NBA’s expansion plans will take time.

When will the NBA expansion happen?

Also, it does not guarantee that the NBA will advance to Las Vegas. Silver has NBA plans in his heart. A year ago, Silver said Las Vegas was “on the list” for when the NBA would add another team, but the league was not thinking about expansion “for now.”

“But I have no doubt Vegas will be on the list at some point,” Silver added.

In April of this year, Silver said on The Dan Patrick Show, “There’s no clear kind of benchmark to get here. [to expansion]Silver points to the economics of expansion—the economics of splitting revenues among more teams—and the lack of competitive parity seen in the NBA despite basketball’s dominance in the sport. He also added that the league will need to negotiate a new CBA contract. Look again at their media rights deal soon.

But expansion is certainly a challenge for the future.

“Companies grow naturally over time. Seattle is definitely going to be a great market. Las Vegas is going to be a great market as well. Both of those communities have state-of-the-art arenas,” said Silver. says. “We’ll look at it. Interestingly, it’s not on the front burner in our league right now.”

LeBron James really wants a Vegas team. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)