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Watertown Cable Show 'Drawing With Fred' Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Watertown’s Fred Grandinetti (center) will be celebrating his show’s 30th anniversary with an episode of “Drawing with Fred” airing in October 2022.

latest episode of painting with fred will debut on Watertown Cable in October, marking the 30th anniversary of the show created by Watertown’s Fred Grandinetti.

As a child, Grandinetti was a fan of children’s shows and their lessons.when he started painting with fredhe took advantage of those shows.

“The inspiration for my show came from the adult family series I watched growing up. uncle gas show, Rex Trailers Boomtown When bozo the clownsaid Grandinetti. “They offered us death lessons in fun and sensitive ways. Bozo, for example, would tell young audiences to follow his parents and, of course, ‘Keep laughing.'” ”

Looking back at past episodes is like going back in time to Grandinetti.

“I’ve been running old episodes over newly produced episodes, and I’ve seen myself getting heavier and bald as the years go by,” Grandinetti said. It’s fun to see myself on the air.When I started the show I never thought it would last this long.It’s a great creative outlet and I hope it will be interesting for the audience. increase.”

painting with fred Fans inspired Grandinetti to keep creating new episodes.

“I am often inspired to create new introductory segments on water safety, fitness, and cartoons for my shows,” says Grandinetti. “We hear from locals who enjoy watching anime characters they grew up with.”

Grandinetti made the following announcement about the 30th anniversary show.

Watertown resident Fred Grandinetti’s award-winning cable access series, painting with fredwill celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022.

To celebrate Grandinetti, we produced an episode featuring the work of talented artist Rachel Matam.

Artist Rachel Maytum’s work will be featured at the ‘Drawing with Fred’ 30th Anniversary Show.

Maytum says of her work: My family is very artistic. I used to be a dog hairdresser cutting and grooming dogs and then started working in the hospitality industry. I started drawing pastel art portraits as a hobby until 2019 when I came across her tutorials online by Jason Morgan Her Wild Life Her Artist. I quickly realized I was good at it and soon started doing art commissions. I cater to portrait art lovers of animals, people, celebrities and characters, specializing in realistic pastel portraits and digital art portraits with the purpose of turning your photos into unique and one-of-a-kind works of art. is. ”

She continues: Very similar to the actual reference photo. I fell in love with this style of art form. The types of commissioned art I currently do are either animal portraits, family portraits or character portraits. I recently started digital drawing with Procreate and have been having a lot of fun with it. I enjoy developing my skills and am looking forward to seeing how I grow and develop in my art in the years to come. ”

To see the work of this talented artist, please visit

This episode also features cartoons featuring Lil’ Audrey, Popeye, Bluto, Wonder Olive Oil, and The Three Stooges, along with water safety tips from film and television actor Chad Michael Collins. Bozo the Clown and The Flintstones will also appear.

It airs on the Watertown Cable Access Channel from October 10-23.

The art at the top of the article is by Jorge Pacheco depicting Popeye, Baby Huey, Beetlejuice, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Little Dot, Rocky & Bullwinkle and more.